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he's available in the movie the joint the hotels the violence the gateway photo the ground imperial truly the taj was the push coromandel you can a with a little close mosquito sedated to go and claim to run this and the colonel was a child as a retreat. a program tonight struggling to save the euro e.u. leaders are in brussels to hammer out measures to tackle the great crisis what many say the epidemic spreading it's the very future of the single currency that's at stake as we report. meanwhile the troubles those are terrorists firing states from still wanting to join as serbia prepares to extradite war crimes fugitive had reached to the hague in his latest attempt to become a member of the blog. and investigations into the u.k. phone hacking scandal intensify with even more political figures coming under scrutiny and public betting on who the case might bring the next. also
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as washington is running out of time to find a solution to the debt and deficit problems russia's concerns are mounting as it holds a large part of its international reserves and the us wants one that's in twenty minutes on business something. it's ten pm here in moscow welcome if you just joined this she watching r.t. international with me kevin owen in first e.u. leaders have gathered in brussels for emergency summit on how to come up with a probably cash for a second greek bailout but the epidemic is spreading with italy and spain now showing the first symptoms of serious debt indeed the sense of impending doom fills the air as r.t. daniel bushell reports that. the single currency will be good within two years warner lists the european debt crisis there's a really very serious threat. to disintegrate
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politicians in states to refuse to foot the bill but i don't think i've ever met any body in the united kingdom in london my constituency that actually wants to contribute to the continued existence of the hero because i think it's a stupid idea to start with and it's just chucking money down the drain yet pulling the plug on those states could trigger a chain reaction. greece believe investors. quitting the euro. that in turn will support the exits of portugal even italy and spain. ireland portugal everybody said ok the bug is going to start there over the last couple of weeks we saw that also. spain over germany italy or germany started the
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europe's top banks hold billions of euro greek in portuguese did if those countries go bust they could lose that money. we might see scenarios like a bank run that means that people will run to the bank in order to withdraw their deposits because they believe that the bank might not be able to pay them the euro is facing an existential crisis of its german chancellor angela merkel that's raising tension across the globe. at the moment the most visible the most obvious is the eurozone problems but on the other side of the atlantic you have the u.s. economy in the session but some very weak economic figures and suffering as well. you leaders could find that this warrant for the single currency here at the summit if again they fail to do a deal that halt the spread in europe experts fear public plan it will take over
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denying them control then you see brussels get some thoughts about the crisis from paul not member of the european parliament for the u.k. independence party for example so much for being with us mr nuttall the summit still going on out there in brussels but we heard earlier the president of the euro group saying that even with a new bailout greece could still the fold if only partially because that rain worrying bells for you at this early stage. well i think it rings warning bells for the european commission and the mandarins in brussels and the fact of the matter is that this european currency the euro was never going to work anyway it was always about politics it was never about economics the idea that you could fix greece into the same economic zone all of the same economic order and see this germany is quite frankly ridiculous what greece needs to do is it needs to come out of the euro it needs to be able to devalue its own currency it needs to be able to set its own
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exchange rates and it needs to get its economy moving and as i say it can't do that within the euro let's look at the last example of a country or a major country which defaulted which was argentina it's important two thousand and one from two thousand and two to two thousand and six its economy grew by sixty five percent so to fall for greece wouldn't be the end of the world when i look at exhibit almost as much heated discussion between the key eurozone germany and france are we likely to see much the way of political fallout from this economic crisis. well i think we're already seeing much fallout in athens with people on the streets as i say this team could spread through italy if it spreads through italy that are serious problems italy's the third largest country in the eurozone spain it could spread there that the fourth largest economy in europe is old if it spreads the thing will collapse and you will end up with people on the streets of madrid and people on the streets of rome this thing could smell serious problems for the european union and it then could spill over from the economics into the political and i think you'll remember all but also it was said that this isn't the
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problem all along now recognizes there is a problem but i think that they are in serious serious trouble inzy for greece would be spread didn't it money it didn't have much of the continent in there is trouble some say the country should be left to its own devices it's own problems is that a view you agree on then. well absolutely it's the only and i mean we can continue propping up the euro and we can continue pouring money into this and the idea that britain my old country isn't putting any money in it's complete nonsense because we're all we've already our contribution to the i.m.f. is now over twenty billion so we're contributing to this we don't want to bail out these plastic case economies anymore and as i say the only way greece will be able to get its economy kick started is by breaking out of the prison of the euro and i can see you as benjamin franklin once said the only two certainties in life but death and taxes if greece remains in the although i can see you the smaller the thing i will be back here in six months have this exact same conversation was the
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year of the common european currency always doomed to failure. of course it was because it was never about economics as i said earlier the idea that you could have the northern economies the fast growing economies the productive economies like france and germany in the same economic sphere as spain and italy and many of the mediterranean states it's complete nonsense the idea that they should share the same exchange rate the same interest rates it was never going to work it was all about creating a political united states of europe it was never about economics it was never ever going to work in a million years paul ever talk about the losers here of the euro were to collapse as we're in a report some people saying it could disappear within two years the winner is. well i think it could be soon to years i think it possibly could be within the next six months as i say that will press ahead with this bailout it will cost more and more morally so the german taxpayer i think the germans will in effect get fed up with bailing out there but i ask you because illinois in
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a theory of the fall of the euro. well i'm not sure i think that i think for example the people of greece would benefit from the fall of the order because that's the only way that they can kick start the economy i mean look look in germany there are new parties now starting germany has always been the most probably you country out of the lot for a new party starting up in germany at the moment and the european union the youngsters in germany during people are fed up with the european union. because personal approval rate is lower than it's ever been and it's at the lowest it's ever been simply because she is seen as being weak on the you one hundred over german taxpayers' money pouring out to let me pay for u.k. depends partly thank you for being on the line from liverpool that you are tonight she's taking. well the crowds don't frighten those keep joy it still as we report later this hour. with the effect struggling to keep it had a public water there is still some time we've been ready to get a phone call one commentator. climbing on the titanic started thinking.
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the dire financial situation in europe is pretty mirrored to on the other side of the atlantic where from the financial times correspondent david double told us the dollar is disappearing down the dregs just as fast as the euro. i don't believe there's either the european economies or the united states have yet. really begun to get to grips with the very grave collapse occurred after two thousand and eight . lots of pain therefore is is facing is going forward. from an all steel point of view the sooner we start to get to grips with that and take some of the measures necessary the better we will have to recognize in the process that we are a lot poorer than we thought we were in two thousand and seven the story is that the euro as a phenomena is in quite serious danger. as was the world of finance next. as part of this weekly report fewer results of people in the us will rise up
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against the big banks. they're encouraging at least twenty thousand people to show up on wall street occupy wall street and don't leave just like there the people in tahrir square didn't leave until their demand that would bark sat down with the americans saying don't leave until obama forms a presidential commission to investigate whether or not there's then financial fraud. all from cards from coast shortly tonight next investigations into the phone hacking case that's rocking the u.k. are growing by the day with other war questions being asked of key figures in political media and police circles and as the scandal intensifies in polk threatens careers now across the board well it is the one that reports on how the case continues to haunt not just rupert murdoch put the u.k.
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prime minister david cameron as well. this is the most humble day of my life and i'm enjoying this so. some major pins in the news hacking scandal may be well played but at the moment they're still standing despite pull off the ball threatening to smash them out of the game. in the frame british prime minister david cameron and the murdoch's chiefs of police will need empire news corp also implicated the police accused of taking but where will the next strike come in the phone hacking scandal and who will end up the biggest turkey. there's been a large amount of fingers in ears and just a kind of heads in the sand and that is lethal for a prime minister and he's now in a real fight isn't a real really bad situation he could well be looking at some serious consequences very at the very least those star still around him fancy
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a flutter on the much of the century betting shops of flats the old son cameron being the first m.p. to pull over hacking. and we've seen cameron over the last few weeks for some more hundreds want to be the next cabinet member to leave to forty one years he just slightly crept up again to five to one today as a result of his statements in the house where we thought he gave quite a good performance the murdoch's may have dodged balls coming from every direction from m.p.'s but it was someone not even in the game who hit the eighty year old kingpin right in the face with a phone despite profuse apologies to victims of his own newspaper's unethical behavior he has no intention of stepping down. and give a person. what's less clear is whether david cameron remains the best person to lead britain out of this crisis of confidence it's cameron's arch rival edu miliband who believes he's got the skittle shaking. and
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he's eyeing up a spare that will see the whole dot com crash. so that the country and how the leadership we need why why doesn't he do more why doesn't he do more than give up half apology and provide the full apology now for hiring mr colson and bringing him into the heart of downing street. commentators say the pin spotted machine has placed the prime minister on a firmer footing following wednesday's game in the house of commons but the match is still far from won you know. he is damaging for base he was the reaping to develop. into form cameron because none of that sort of damage. in the government actually stopped him the scandals forced resignation all round top executives at news corp and the u.k.'s two most senior police officers many are asking if the prime minister will be next to find himself lying face down
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in the gully. david cameron's promised a full so apology if it turns out and he calls and was lying to him about his involvement in phone hacking but some say that won't be enough when this is over and we're a long way from that it's far from clear who can survive the frame still to come and remain standing at the top of the media the police and the government. nor at its artsy london. go to dave saldana is communications director of the american n.-g. o. free press he told me we've only seen the tip of the iceberg in a crisis as he sees it. there's been a very cozy relationship between media and government throughout western democracies it's no less true in the united states but it is in the u.k. . and what we've what we've seen is is sort of
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a laying bare of that relationship in a way that that everybody suspected but now we now we can see that it's the. that our suspicions are are proven true the only surprise would be if there weren't more surprises and there is suspicion that something similar or to a lesser or greater extent has been happening in the united states if in fact it is found that the allegations that news corp properties were looking for looking to hack the telephones of nine eleven family victims or victims' families that is going to be a storm the likes of which you've never seen in the u.s. a lot of thoughts but that's. taking part in our debates if you on our website for many of the stories of the discussion to it all to you go home plus this is well known portly story since. the delivery with a difference in the law in. place to spend five weeks with his family a big cats he won't be there lunch because cross will be the midwife sweet story
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followed more minds and also passions and fashions run high in some petersburg as dozens of glamorous contestants put on their very highest deals for one hundred britons find out what girls are chasing on our website but we've got the details about to have a go. as expected progress on his bid to join the e.u. after the arrest the war crimes suspect got on how to let it be a key hurdle indeed on the road to membership that still needed clearing out each may be extradited to the hague now on saturday furthur ports from the serbian capital belgrade. last the government's very much to the west the public opinion actually does differ quite significantly now the last time i was in belgrade at the end of last year i spoke to the deputy prime minister here and i asked him why there's still such a government drive to this membership and he said that they really feel this is a chance for serbian people to have
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a normal life well the people here in serbia only have to look at what's happening right now in greece in spain in italy to see quite clearly e.u. membership is not going to be the answer to all our country's problems now as to that but they're also very disillusioned with the government's policies and the way that they've handled this whole partnership and dealings with the e.u. they feel that serbia is being made to jump through hoops and that was their filling all these demands that are put on them by the very little in return serbia will get in return what usually gets nothing whatsoever. has got many many more hoops to jump over before it can get anywhere close to. the e.u. has always linked thirty years. with the full cooperation with the hague and we've already heard from president parrish he feels that they have the
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moral and legal obligations to the hague so it's going to be very interesting now to see with this latest directive had it whether or not the e.u. is going to fall not just with words but with actions with the arrest really has called brussels blocked brussels is not going to fulfill promises it gave in the wish list of the rest of go to even know which from the sober and its historical project. well if the commands. president bitch is true people who will waltz. one by one in. serbia free we. were here because. we also pondering. economy. has made so far over iraq in.
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all show that about sixty percent of the serbs are opposed to. joining the e.u. many have relatives abroad getting the full picture or. resides. there also. would not be successfully concealed. so even the close skillful propaganda. of the big club probably is committed it's. all of them usual who. will offer something more serious think about anyway. also making headlines this thursday night the u.s. has announced it will send aid to famine hit somalia but only if assured that the liveries won't be hindered as they pass there is a mist militant controlled areas u.s. declared a state of famine in southern somalia where nearly four million people are in danger of starvation devastating drought calls the crisis set for the worst hit
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region in decades it's estimated the stricken country needs over one and a half billion u.s. dollars in aid. for all of these ten years have been given legal permission to sue the british government over alleged atrocities committed during colonial times claimants allege they were systematically abused in special camps set up to crush the rebellion against british rule the foreign office says it should not be held responsible for the actions of the political and ministration. atlantis is back to earth threats very last landing on. almost a fortnight in orbit touched brings to an end thirty years of the american space shuttle program learned this is the last shuttle to be retired it is to be put on display at the kennedy space center any future missions by u.s. astronauts to be international space station but rely entirely on help from russia . sometimes you have to dig deep to reach for the stars not least is the case in central russia roseann region where you write fever spread in recent years i think exam a boy who jumped at the chance to catch a fall and start. they don't believe in aliens at
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a time machine but they do spend most of their time looking for extraterrestrial matter that will take them billions of years back in time most need to write countries and russia do for profit but some still see it as their way of each hiking through the galaxy. this is the oldest matter you can hold in your hands there is a theory that meteorites are part of planets core just imagine this piece is about four to have billion years old what the earth this valley about three hundred kilometers east of moscow is their latest pitstop about ten thousand years ago the local builds to a heavy pounding from an iron shower creating the most brutal need to read ground in sun to russia is discovery in two thousand and was a pure accident. is my dog did help with the draining off the excavators left a local resident was passing by he noticed a rather strange rock and picked it up the rock lay on and leaned his bomb for two
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years until the sort program got me to write some t.v. and sends it in for testing. but in the next few years about speak tons of meteoric material was discovered here some would be unlikely out of the donation he's on our staff he's the only dog in russia trying to hunt for rocks from other planets in many ways meteorite hunting is a lot like gold digging you have to spend weeks and while hoping for a stroke of luck but in today's prices searching for these acts through terrestrial rocks can be more profitable than even the good old gold fever marcion know you want to meet her rights which are in high as the month can cost two or even three times their weight in gold the biggest findings usually gravitate to the united states and western europe where most me to write collapse has a base and while russia got the law x. where the facts are terrestrial rocks ten percent of their value must be paid to this. still some dealers try and dodge the need to write tax base for town hall was
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uncovered earlier this year at a moscow airport on its way illegally to the czech republic for their fallen stars but meteorites are increasingly becoming a brazing hot new commodity. just over ten. school the road between paris and moscow be paved with gold there's a question our interview more about that and shore you also be revealed there's business now though dimitris here in just a moment or two. for the. we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in st petersburg all she's available in hotels a story and a little ambassador really sounds cool to kowtow to triple a so tell the truth good
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hotel new gold and never tell center elvis you're still just a ski lift you will see a car that you visit. and one welcome to business see the clock is ticking for the u.s. to resolve its debt problems a failure to raise the debt ceiling could mean a default on its massive obligations there are concerns this will harm russia's international reserves a quarter of which is held in u.s. bonds now we've recently talked to jacob from morgan stanley russia there's nothing to worry about just. no u.s. treasury secretary will allow the u.s. to default on external obligation so if the debt ceiling doesn't get raised then
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what will happen is the u.s. will skip some domestic payments however if the deal that is started doesn't satisfy the credit rating agencies there is a chance of a ratings downgrade and that may have an impact on the treasury market it may have an impact on the price of tea bills and that may have an impact on the value of russia's international reserves we don't think it will have much of an impact because the depth of the u.s. team is so big it's the core source of funding of low risk assets for so many companies that we don't expect it so significantly move the price north to shareholders of t. and k b p are preparing a lawsuit over b.p.'s failed bits of partner rosneft in arctic exploration shareholders have won a russian court ruling ordering papers surrounding the multi-billion dollar deal to be revealed this were louder than to value the damages b.p. and rosneft barrel to strike the deal this spring and the shareholders claimed b.p.'s russian joint ventures should be the primary vehicle for exploration in the
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arctic. cheerless is a little put off the board members nominated by b.p. didn't make it clear there was an opportunity for corporations which they should have done and as a result he didn't get to participate in his partnership i'm gone she might have had losses. back of the markets this hour and the first stop it's prudent has been very volatile the day is up one dollar forty one cents light sweet this is because u.s. crude in the trees have dropped and that's pushing oil prices higher bridge is up thirty nine cents it's moved to the u.s. stock markets and they've had a very strong session bounce off the morgan stanley report of this more than expected water loss driving financial stocks for the around the globe the bank itself was up at six percent at one point jobless claims however did come out with a slight increase but there was a lot of drive coming in from europe the sake of that and chancellor merkel and
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french president sarkozy agreed of the joint approach to greece's debt crisis ahead of today's use summit level footsie gameplay percent the dax point nine here in moscow this is the closing picture for first place session markets saw a boost at the very end of the session the l.c.s. sending up one point nine percent my six one point six say look at some of the main drivers of their growth and because of a rise in crude prices energy shares like gazprom went up one point seven percent burbank was down pretty much all session long but it caught on to the global financial rally in a managed to gain one percent or sell a home of half a percent at the close after gaining five a half in the end of wednesday session here's where the now. it's been a really rocky market over the last of the last few days and everybody is watching what's happening in europe here can the eurozone governments find a longer term solution to this ongoing saga with for four european countries in
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particular greece and today's d.-day. you know thursday today is the way eurozone countries are supposed to come up with someone or something mission if they do and it's going to be respected and you're going to see russia remember if a government where you know there is a potential disaster. that will make people very nervous and i do see that it's a very straight section of the markets started off well. move down and then there's a little enthusiasm can further sneak for the coming out of the european negotiations and therefore the markets rally and i was talking the. headlines are next time i'll see with can i stay with us. you're.
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today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world is seeing from the streets of kenya that. corporations are on the day. the bomb. in india all these are made of the.


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